EldersWe are committed to providing “elders' service” to those in the front line of service to the wellbeing of the earths life.

The Elder role embraces both tangible and more elusive aspects. It includes but is not confined to being mentor, coach, facilitator, listener, assessor, enabler and truth-teller or shaman.

It can also be something more intangible, only sensed and expressed in unexpected moments arising from freely-flowing synergistic engagement between us. An aspect of always calling to keep on becoming and reaching for the unknown. The aspiration of an elder is to access and support synergies between ways of being, becoming and knowing that are not yet apparent or appear to be in conflict.

Our calling is now to support those in the frontline creating a healthy future. This means offering to share our wisdom and capacities to add value to humanity living in partnership with the earth.   We offer strategic interventions that work with the heart of promoting the wellbeing of you and your mission.

We have jointly facilitated numerous groups and workshops, drawing from the fields of ecopsychology, personal development and team and relationship-building. We are resident members of the Moora Moora Cooperative community which we co founded in 1972.

Peter Cock (PhD) is a Sociologist and Environmentalist with more than 30 years' experience in community development, teaching environmental studies and being involved in social and environmental action.

Sandra Cock is a Psychologist and former teacher with extensive professional experience in counselling and training in individual, couple, group and organizational settings.

Susan Becchio has developed and facilitated ecopsychology programs for the past 20 years, including working extensively with Indigenous populations both in the USA and Australia.

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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