Grass Root Communities as the Heart of Green Citizenship

As citizens we are finally waking to the perils of our damage to the earth. However, our new consciousness is dragged down into inaction by isolation, cynicism and depression. This can occur when an individual is given responsibility disproportionate to his or her capacity to act constructively. It is too much to expect each individual to hold in isolation the energy to act radically and sustainably for the earth. We need the support of others to challenge the gaps between awareness and action. We have been socialised to live essentially private lives within impersonal worlds. We are largely devoid of the experience of intimate sharing beyond family whether of feelings, friends, flesh or possessions…

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Wilderness Journey into Social and Sacred Ecology

This is our story of a journey into experiences of social and sacred ecology. It arises out of our acute sense of loss of community with the human and the non-human world, together with the marginalisation of senses of life as sacred. Social ecology is the study of processes of regenerating connection between people and the rest of nature. It recognises that human existence and well-being is dependent on being having significant relationships with human and non-human species. The Sacred acknowledges a spiritual understanding of the natural world however this is manifested. It is not connected to any one particular religious or spiritual tradition, but is found in encounters with ‘otherness’ that reach beyond oneself and within oneself. The fusion of Social and Sacred Ecology joins the humancenteredness of the social, the transcendence of the sacred, with the interconnectedness of the web of life…

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A Journey into Social and Sacred Ecology

This paper explores the challenges and outlines the development of a new graduate interdisciplinary unit in Social and Sacred Ecology at Melbourne's Monash University. It begins with the intention to weave between the human-centredness of the social, the transcendence of the spiritual, and the disconnection from nature experienced in the post-industrial world. The process, holistic in intent, addresses the rest of nature as a source of powerful learning, a place of insight, personal transformation and potential partner. Our aim is to redress and restore the human-nature bond and we discuss how, through a blend of theoretical discourse and experiential programs, we worked to create a synergy between theory and praxis within a secular academic environment…

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Wilderness community for sacred and social ecology

Now is the time to reflect, to read others, compare, assess, to embed in our minds meanings from the experience.
To ask what were the highs and lows, what worked and what didn't, what was planned and what happened in response? The river and the rocks meant that people were encouraged to hold and to let flow. The landscape provided safety and encouragement to find new paths built from participant's rock of being. Whereas if in a desert or the sea then more of a radical incentive. Change to be sustainable needs evolution, focus, discipline, vision rather than radical transformation as a result of radical trauma or vision…

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Soulfulness from Place

Community ethics not only derive from mother’s knee, philosophy school or television. Ethics for the life of the earth and for humans to be an earth’s life partner comes from experiencing the diverse life of earth and our embodiment as part of it.

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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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