This intensive workshop explores reasons for and processes for deepening our partnership with Gaia. The intention is to deepen consciousness and action to become a life-serving member of our species.

We will consider:

  • What kind of societies and lifestyles fit with such aspirations?
  • Is there a role for spirituality in ecological citizenship?
  • What are our rights and responsibilities as earth citizens and what does being a member of communities mean?

We conclude with an exploration of the politics and ascetics of action.

To explore the issues of practical eco citizenship we will:

  • Use brainstorms, role-play and contemplation.
  • Actively and compassionately work with the gaps between our intentions and practice and explore the roles of emotions such as hope, fear, despair and guilt in shaping motivations.
  • Think, feel and act togethr to examine connections between partnership with the earth, with each other and our inner work.

This workshop will deepen your ecological citizenship, contribute to the regeneration of hope and facilitate transformative action. It will heighten awareness of the need for collective and personal action for structural changes that build an eco-culture.

Dr Peter Cock is co-founder and member of the Moora Moora cooperative community, is on the Council of the Sustainable Living Foundation and teaches in the Oases Graduate Program for Integral and Transformative Learning. He taught Sociology and Environmental Science at Monash University for 30 years in Eco-psychology, Eco-policy and Action, and Conserver Society.

Sean O'Sullivan is lecturer at Swinburne University and has been a member of the Moora Moora cooperative community for more than 20 years. He is interested in resilient and participatory human communities; birthrights and the recovery of the natural commons; and the reintegration of human lifestyles into natural systems.

Where: Moora Moora Cooperative Community
When:  2012 to be advised 
Workshop Fee: to be advised $770 / $450 (including GST)
Limited numbers, so book early.

Course Outline: Deepening Ecological Cititzenship

Article: Deepening Democracy: Partnering Tribalism and Citizenship


For further information contact:
Peter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0422 426 144, or Sean 0417 335 726

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— Suzanne

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