We offer a range of workshops either in the Wilderness or at Moora Moora co-operative an intentional community near the rual town of Healesville on a magical mountain of beauty and healing.

The intenaries of the workshops may vary, but they all include similar aspects including:

Participants will present rituals and ceremonies for cultural regeneration in partnership with the ecology of the place and collectively design a ‘social ecology and the sacred' response to the place.

To shift from outer work to inner work, participants will also spend solo time in the wilderness, work closely with a support pair partner, and work actively in small groups and intimately with the whole group.

The basic learning method will be through the use of the naturescape, group activities and individual review and assessment tasks to generate reflexivity about the challenges of social and sacred ecology. This will be achieved through workshops, small group discussion, paired exercises, and through spending solo time in nature.


The issue of re-entry into everyday life is a critical issue that needs to be addressed (Greenway, 1995). As a result, there will be re-entry and debriefing explorations to examine the implications of what the experience may mean for the way participants live and work.

Participatants will be encouraged to explore ways to stay in touch once the workshop is finished

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"Life Skills for Living in Community"
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"This was the best thing I have ever done".
— Suzanne

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